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Rules for Tierra Alta complex and homes

1. No smoking or vaping in or on the entire properties.

2. No pets or aquariums.

3. No waterbeds.

4. No ignition of fireworks anywhere on the properties.

5. No more than 2 vehicles per apartment or home.

6. No automobile repair on properties.

7. All vehicles must be operational.

8. No bird feeders.

9. No yard sales.

10. No signs


Price Includes:

All utilities for all rentals, internet is also included, La Galleria and El Corredor use shared WIFI.

Move-In requirements for all Tierra Alta apartments:

There is no application paperwork, after your initial inspection of the apartment you will be given my rental contract to review.  Once the contract is signed and money has cleared my bank you may move in.

Initial payment is 1st and last months rent plus equal damage deposit.  I accept credit card, personal check, cashiers check and cash.  Your rent starts on the day you move in. 


When you move out, after my inspection of the apartment and if there is no damage beyond "normal wear and tear" I will prorate your last months rent to the day you move out.  If anything needs repair, it will be fixed and expenses will be paid from your damage deposit.  I will refund the balance of your damage deposit with a receipt of all expenses.

My Tips:

If you are moving to Silver City and looking for a home to purchase prepare yourself for a possible 6 month time frame.  Silver City's housing stock is limited and in fair repair, great "turn-key" homes are hard to find.
Silver City's rental market is very tight for those who are looking for good housing, I usually show an apartment only once and then it is taken.

Furnish rental procedures:

Same as unfurnished except move in payment is two months rent up front and must clear my bank before move in.

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